Politics Club organized the 2012-2013 Debate Tournament

June 1st, 2013

Politics Club organized the 2012-2013 Debate Tournament

Politics Club organized the 2012-2013 Debate Tournament

During May 14-29, 2013, the Politics Club  organized the 2012-2013 Debate Tournament. This event helped students to put into practice their theoretical knowledge, to improve their communication and public speaking skills as well as to create networks between students of different departments within the university.

10 teams comprising members from various departments of the University participated at the Tournament. The event was divided into three stages where the teams competed to enter from the first stage into the semifinals and afterwards in the final debate. The topics of the debates covered different issues related to social matters, international affairs as well as domestic politics.

The Final Debate took place on May 29th and the topic was “Is Greater Albania a realistic goal?”. The competing teams delivered their arguments and defended their positions on this topic in front of the Jury composed of members of the academic staff as well as in the midst of a wide audience.

The final ranking of the teams at the Debate Tournament was as follows:

First place: Eni Ceka, Erisa Nesimi and Jona Osmani (First-year students from the Department of Architecture);

Second Place: Xheni Haka, Dea Maze and Anxhela Bega (First-year students from the Department of Business Administration: Business Informatics study program);

Third Place: Dea Elmasllari, Qëndresa Krasniqi and Oğuz Ufuk Taşçı (First-year students from the Department of Political Science and International Relations).

LTB Jeans was the main sponsor of the Debate Tournament, offering a present cheque to the winning team consisting of 300 Euro.

The Debate Tournament has already established itself as a regular event aiming to foster academic and student life at Epoka University.