Festina Kabashi attended the IAPSS World Congress 2015 "The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation" Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom.

April 14th, 2015

First of all I would like to thank my professors, for their contribution on my bachelor thesis which I had to present at The IAPSS World Congress 2015.The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a worldwide representation of students of political science and related studies. It provided students of political science and related disciplines a platform to present their work and research within a variety of student panels, and brought us together with experts from the academia, politics, the media and civil society to discuss and examine topics around the Congress theme “The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation” in-depth during Plenary and Expert Sessions.

The conference was very well attended where many ambassadors, diplomats, journalists, students and professors from prestigious universities such as University of Oxford, London School of Economics University of Ottawa, CEU, SOAS, Charles University, University of Amsterdam and so on, examined different topics. The topics addressed, both on student panels and expert sessions included contemporary affairs which gave the opportunity to learn many issues in regards to current conflicts and the way cooperation can make a contribution on eliminating these conflicts. Some of the topics discussed by expert panels were: Europe’s Strategy for the Arab-Israeli ConflictNationalism, Ethnicity and Religious Conflict, The EU: Between Functional Integration and Sociocultural Disintegration, Media & Democracy: Limits, Contributions and Contradictions, New Approaches to Transitions and Post-Conflict Recovery: Lessons from a Decade of Failure, Political Dynamics of the Middle East: Four Years after the Arab Spring.

My work was about the Role of Non- Governmental Organizations in the Decision-making process in Kosovo, which I had to present and then discuss with the public. It was a great pleasure for me to see students from around the world to ask different questions and express their interest for Kosovo and Balkan. Overall, I feel that attending the IAPSS World Congress really helped me a lot. This is the first time I attended an IAPSS event, butI learned different things every session which I know will serve to me a lot in the future.