Choosing Epoka University now is an easy choice.

March 5th, 2014

Choosing Epoka University now is an easy choice.

Choosing Epoka University now is an easy choice.

Choosing Epoka University now is an easy choice. But it wasn’t like this for me in 2008. The university was on its beginnings and we would be the first graduates in our study program.                    I wanted to make a choice without risk. Perfectly would have been a well and long-time established University with a very good reputation.

I took the risk. So from one side I would be part of a University that was established one year ago, lacking experience but from the other side, I could be part of a big project from its beginning. I choose to be part of this project and I put my trust on this project.

During the four years of my study I could feel the hard work done by everyone, every day. It was a colossal effort from everybody, professors, students and administrative staff.  Moving to the campus in Rinas was another proof that the project of our University was a serious one. It was not just a big monetary investment but an infrastructure and environment that provides students with the best studying conditions. Every year we were witnesses of the successes of our University by its placement among best universities in Albania.

Upon my graduation from the Bachelor study program in Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University, I applied for the DAAD-OSI scholarship granted by the German Government. Recommendations from Prof. Bekir Çınar and Prof. Avdi Smajljaj were very important in my application process, and also their assistance was very helpful to me. Receiving this Scholarship was a test not only for me but it also showed that the diplomas awarded by Epoka University were internationally recognized and had a good reputation.

Now I am studying a dual Master’s degree MA European Studies/Msc Business Studies at University of Flensburg (Germany) and Syddenmark University (Denmark). The first benefit that I enjoyed from Epoka is that none of these Universities demanded an English Language Proficiency from me. Having a diploma from Epoka University fully in English was sufficient. Also here was the environment to test my knowledge. What I can say is that I never felt disadvantaged with my previous academic knowledge, on the contrary, I was even advantaged in some subjects. I once more realized that during my Bachelor studies I was provided with very strong foundations that are helping me in every step.

I would suggest every student of Epoka University to pay a lot of attention and prepare very hard. You will be equipped with all the necessary requirements. And after doing so any Universities will be glad to accept you for your further academic steps. Epoka will be the trampoline that will send you to any Western University you wish to continue your further studies.

I am glad I was part of this big project and I am very glad for the choice I made.  I would do it again and again.

Best regards,

Brunild Xhili