Bugajsky Hour: EPOKA on Albanian Screen

September 15th, 2012


On Saturday, September 13 a little delegation of the Department  of Political Science and International Relations composed by four students, two from master program and two from the bachelor accompanied by Prof.  Salih Ozcan, Prof. Bekir Cinar and Prof. Reina Zenelaj was invited as audience to the television program Bugajsky Hour.
The program was structured in three parts: the first consisted in a vis a vis interview to Philip Reeker, the US deputy assistant Secretary of State for the relations with Balkan region; in the second piece (the one to which the students assisted) the hosts were Mr. Gjergji  Filipin, Albanian economist and  researcher director of “Agenda” Institute and Fatos Tarifa, the former Albanian Ambassador to USA, director of the Institute of social and politic studies to European University of Tirana; the third and conclusive part of the program involved the audience that make some question to the announcer.

The show was focused on the relations between United States and Albania, but the discussion was so vivid that also many other issues have been opened and discussed. Interviews and questions covered,  among other arguments, the priorities of US in the region in the past and after the imminent elections both in the optic of Albanian priorities and in the one of the American interests; furthermore the modality of US intervention and the character of its presence in the country was compared to the ones of the European Union and the two analysts outlined the similarities and the shared objectives bringing the conversation around the possibility of accession of the country in the EU, its pro and cons, the perception by the public opinion and the positions of Albanian politicians.
Moreover the relations with the US have been discussed in the light of the economic and geopolitical characteristics of the country and regarding the political stability and energy security of the region.

Our delegation was very interested and careful so that the questions were pertinent and challenging, in fact Mr. Bugajsky kindly answered them in detail.
Concluding it has been a very pleasant experience that students and professors enjoyed together also giving a positive and bright imagine of the EPOKA university.