Albania and its Neighbours: Challenges in the Course of EU Membership

January 21st, 2013

Albania and its Neighbours: Challenges in the Course of EU Membership

Albania and its Neighbours: Challenges in the Course of EU Membership



a.          STAFF: Assist. Prof. Dr. Salih Ozcan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Cinar,  M.A. Niuton Mulleti, M.A. Ismail Soygenis

b.         Master students and PIR  fourth class  students: TOTAL 19



ALBANIA in the course of EU Candidacy facing some main problems in her relations with the neighbouring countries. Since the time limitations discussion restricted with the most important and currentproblem  between  GREECE  and ALBANIA.


Due to public attention was on the the “Chemeria” problem, this issue has been discussed in the forum.



The Epirus, or Chameria, area  in southern Albania and northern Greece has  constituted the main focus of potential dispute between Athens and Tirana.

The Greeks consider the southern extremity of Albania to be northern Epirus, while the Albanians consider the northwest corner of Greece to be southern Chameria.

Although neither government has pressed for territorial revisions in recent memory, both regions are inhabited by minorities whose conditions and treatment have given rise to some concern and interstate discord.

Claims over Çhamerian numbers have ranged from 90,000 to over one million but are believed to be understated because the government definition of the minority. Athens has not considered the local Albanians to be a separate ethnic group.

GREECE HAS BEEN accused with; those “ÇAM” people have not been entitled to any special minority rights and have been prevented from establishing any educational, cultural, or political associations inside Greece.

Since the democratic breakthrough in Albania in early 1991, the Albanian Çams organized as a pressure group within Albania on behalf of their co-ethnics in Greece



a.       Mr. S. Özcan has opened the discussions. And explained the main headlines of the subject. Moderator mr. B. ÇINAR invited Mr. NIUTON for the background  information of the Chemeria problem.

b.      Mr. NIUTON: explained the historical of the problem.

c.       Mr. ÇINAR assesed the problem from political perspective.

d.      Mr. SOYGENİŞ: briefely explain the Turkey’s experience with the TURKEY and GREECE minority problems, its economic, political and social affects.



After opening food for toughts, each students explained their views. Main trend ofamong the students;

·         This is the most importantent problem for the albania with the GREECE,

·         EU could be cathalist in solution of REGİONAL problems of the countries.

·         This should be handled in dialouge not by the force.

·         Albania had around 600 000 workers and this is one of the major income for the Albania.


Majority of the participants has expressed the importance of the good friendly relations with the Greece.

Peaceful solutions could be achieved through bilateral talks. EU efforts could also be helpful to reach fair solution.


Date: 05 march 2013 and place will be determined.

As for the next discussion subject; “EU-ALBANIA Relations” decided.