September 21st, 2012



Dear Students,


It is a great pleasure for me welcome you to the department of Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University.  As grown up individuals now, you are entering a different phase of your life and university studies are among the most enthusiastic life challenges. In this department, you will find friends from different backgrounds and with a wide range of interests and ideas that will enrich your academic and social life.  You will have the chance to learn from faculty with worldwide experience and knowledge that have participated in international research and teaching experiences in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Macedonia, Kosovo etc.  In addition, you will have the chance to practice your learning through internships in governmental agencies, international institutions, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, law firms and foreign embassies.

The curriculum of this department will offer you the possibility to gain basic knowledge on interdisciplinary courses such as diplomacy, public policy, media, law, political science, international relations, crisis management. As such when you graduate you can easily find rewarding jobs as public officials, policy analysts, journalists, university professors, and even institutional managers.

I feel proud of the success and achievement of all graduates of political science and international relations department and at the same time I feel confident that the experience gained at this department will offer a promising future to every new coming student.  I strongly believe in our common commitment to educate generations full of ideas and projects that will contribute to the well being of our society.  



Dr. Islam Jusufi

Head of the Department