Assit. Prof. Dr. Bekir Cinar mori pjese ne Konferencen "Nderkombetare mbi Gjinine dhe Migracionin"

May 24th, 2013

Assit. Prof. Dr. Bekir Cinar participated in the “International Conference on Gender and Migration: Critical Issues and Policy Implications”, held in 11-13 May, 2013 in Istanbul, where he presented his research paper called “Gendered Experiences in Turkish Migration in the UK”.

The paper presented in the conference shed light on the immigrant woman of Turkey, consisting of Turkish Cypriots, ‘mainland’ Turkey and Kurds, who started to come to UK in the 1970 called first generation woman immigrants and their children called second generation woman immigrants. The paper investigates the relationship between first generation and second generation woman immigrants in terms of social, cultural and economic issues.

The findings of the paper are diverse and crucial to understand the difficulties the first generation immigrant woman encountered and the extent to which they suffered. The results showed that they sufferings have not gone away. Moreover, their children, second generation woman immigrants, have not equal opportunities in society in order to compete with their peers in education, job market and other aspects of social life. As a conclusion, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Cinar, emphasized that second generation woman can be defined neither British (English) nor Turkish in terms of their identity and their behavior, and he raised the question whether this is a problem of an advantage of the future of British society or of these people.

The paper presentation was welcomed and discussed by the conference participants.

The International Conference was organized by: London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS) in collaboration with the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE), the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University and the Department of Sociology, Marmara University. The main goal of the conference was to address the gender equality concerns in migration context.