NEXT FORUM: Rule of Law and Corruption

March 19th, 0006

NEXT FORUM: Rule of Law and Corruption

NEXT FORUM: Rule of Law and Corruption

The last meeting the PIR Department had on the 5th of March on EU-Alb Relations concluded with a common agreement that the main two challenges that shape the EU-Alb Relations are corruption and rule of law. As such, the staff agreed that this would be an important topic for the next meeting. 

The discussion will be outlined as following: 

1. What is corruption?

2. Who are the most and least corrupted states in the world. What can we learn from them?

3. What are the main causes behind corruption? 

4. Can family education prevent corruption?

5. Does there exist any relation between education level and corruption?

6. Can it ever be prevented?

7. How can be the contribution of our university?

8. Other questions and suggestions. 

We look forward to see all of you in the meeting. The forum is open to everyone interested. 

See you at PIR Evening Forum!